Homemade Strawberry Balsamic Preserve (草莓香醋果醬)

Homemade Strawberry Balsamic Preserve (草莓香醋果醬)

So sad about what had happened in England recently. 💔

The weather in here is getting better and better, summer arrives! We desire it for so long, same as we desire for peace in this entire world.

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Steamed Malaysian Sponge Cake ~ Mah Lai Goh黑糖馬拉糕

Steamed Malaysian Sponge Cake ~ 黑糖馬拉糕  Mah Lai Goh

What is steamed Malaysian sponge cake? Why is it called Malaysian but not Taiwan or Korea? I really don’t know, dear! It just one of my favourite dim sum in a Chinese restaurant.

One of the more common version is after British rule over the Malay Peninsula, retain the habit of afternoon tea, eat cake, but commonly found in coconut milk than milk on the Malay Peninsula, the oven is not easy to find, so used coconut milk instead of milk and using the steam method instead of using the oven to make a cake.

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Easy Vegan Waffle with Thai Mango Sauce ~ Gluten-Free)

Easy Vegan Waffle with Thai Mango Sauce ~ GF


Today is the pancake day in England. Has the other side of this world got the pancake day as well? Please tell me if you don’t mind! 🙂

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Korean Kimchi II (Tongbaechu-kimchi 통배추김치)

Korean Kimchi II (Tongbaechu-kimchi 통배추김치)

Over the years I’ve posted recipes for a few of them before. My first kimchi was a bit sour, it is combined with Taiwanese and Korean Kimchi. Now I prefer my kimchi more close to the Korean version. Yup, my taste bud has changed, so I take a challenge. Keep watching! 🙂

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Vegan Chilli Beans Burger with ‘Cheesy Corn Sauce’

Vegan Chilli Beans Burger with ‘Cheesy Corn Sauce’

The heatwave has been attacked England in the last few weeks badly. Heatwave in England normally stays for few days maximum every year. But this year seems like to stay for longer. Of course, people won’t like the cold, damp and miserable weather in the long winter, neither do I!

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Provencal Ratatouille ~ French baked vegetables

Provencal Ratatouille ~ French baked vegetables

Such a beautiful and fancy name of the dish!

Ratatouille is a traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice. Though referred to commonly as ratatouille niçoise, ratatouille is popular among the entire Mediterranean coast as an easy summer dish.

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Homemade ‘Seitan’ & Vegan Roasted Barbecue ‘Pork’ ~ 麵筋, 素叉燒

Homemade ‘Seitan’ & Vegan Roasted Barbecue ‘Pork’/Char Siu ~ 麵筋, 素叉燒  


It is a rare chance that I’ll make this ‘seitan’. Since I saw lots of my Facebook friend’s post ~ Roasted vegan ‘Char Siu’ 素叉燒 . Their mouth-watering photos impulse me to try it again.

Sounds I did have this experiment before. Yes! I have but not really like it at all. Why? Because it’ll wash away a lot of flour to get a small amount of seitan to make bbq ‘pork’. It is not really economical.

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Steamed Golden Custard Cake (Gluten-Free) ~ CNY, 富貴黃金糕

Steamed Golden Custard Cake ~ CNY, 富貴黃金糕 

Happy Chinese New year to everyone! It is the year of the Monkey on 8th Feb 2016! Wish everyone full of energy, happiness, and good health.

More people celebrate from the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month (January 31, 2016). They start to clean, thorough their houses to welcome a new year from then. And the other thing is people buy New Year food and snacks, New Year decorations, and clothes for the New Year before New Year’s Eve. Chinese New Year, like Christmas for Chinese.

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Slow Cook Kale & Butternut Squash Dal (羽衣甘藍 & 南瓜, 印度豆)

Slow Cook Kale & Butternut Squash Dal (羽衣甘藍 & 南瓜, 印度豆)


Dal or dhal is a dried pulse which has been split. The outer hull is usually stripped off; dal that has not been hulled is described as chilka (skin), e.g. chilka urad dal, mung dal chilka.

Dhal is the Indian staple made from split pulses. They’re high in fibre, full of good protein, low in calories, fat-free, quick and easy to cook, reasonable cheap, substantial, versatile and delicious. It can serve with rice or naan bread. The chana dhal, an Indian chickpea, used most often to make dhal in India. But now, most of the people use the yellow split peas, red or green lentil instead. Split peas will give a slightly creamier dhal. If you can’t find fresh curry leaves, you can use frozen one like me.

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Homemade Sriracha Hot Sauce

Homemade Sriracha Hot Sauce (是拉差辣椒醬~微辣)


It is no doubt that Sriracha hot sauce and the Sriracha sweet chilli sauce are the most popular hot sauce on the market.

Sriracha is frequently used as a dipping sauce, particularly for seafood. In Vietnamese cuisine, it appears as a condiment for noodles, or as a dipping sauce for spring rolls. 

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