Chinese Crispy Peanut Puff – CNY Snack 新年食品, 炸油角

Chinese Crispy Peanut Puff – CNY Snack 新年食品, 炸油角

Chinese new year is coming, it is on 8th Feb, next Monday! It will be the year of the monkey!


Bless everyone has a Happy Chinese New Year and good health!

Before the big day, moms will be the busiest people in the kitchen. Not only the spring clean of the whole house for the Chinese new year. They need to prepare all the food, snacks and even planning to buy new clothes, new shoes for their children. Because they believe that everything needs to be new for the Chinese new year. It will bring all the luck to them. And the children will get the red envelope with lucky money from their parents, even from all married couple. That’s why all the children will be crazy about the Chinese new year. Also, the school will have two weeks holiday. Do you like to be a child? I do!  🙂

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Baked Vegan Daikon Spiral Puff ~ 素蘿蔔絲酥餅

Baked Vegan Daikon Spiral Puff ~ 素蘿蔔絲酥餅

When I had this little cute dim sum in a Chinese restaurant, it caught my attention straight away. It is light, crisp, so yummy, the filling is so juicy, but it is small as a thumb size, not enough for my appetite. :p

Love the way they prepare the pastry, it is a sort of puff pastry, most of the people love to deep fry this puff to make it crispy. But my kitchen not really like deep fry and me either. Don’t know how to do with the remaining oil after the frying, and it is not really healthy to keep the oil for too long as well.  That’s come today the bake version here. Continue reading