Vegan Raspberry Yoghurt Shake with Salted Caramel Swirl (素覆盆子優酪乳咸焦糖醬)

Vegan Raspberry Yoghurt Shake with Salted Caramel Swirl ~ 素覆盆子優酪乳咸焦糖醬

Can’t believe I haven’t write any milkshake post in my blog. It’s always my favourite drink in summer. Whenever I get some fresh berries on hands, or too many at the time.

Milkshake is the easiest and fastest way to prepare like the smoothie. Dump all the ingredients into the blender, power on and there it is. Easy? Yup!

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Vegan Raspberry Blondies ~ Gluten-Free

Vegan Raspberry Blondies ~ Gluten-Free

What would you fancy to eat in this heatwave weather? Frozen bananas and berries for vegan ice cream,  lollies, and smoothie always sit in my big deep freezer to stand by me. Anything else to calm me down?  That’s the question!

I have so many fresh berries waiting for me to pick up in our friend’s garden. Most of them keep in the freezer. I made a mixed berries crumble two or three weeks ago. That was so delicious accompanied with tangy flavour from gooseberries.

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English Vegan Raspberry Scones ~ Dairy-free, Egg-free

English Vegan Raspberry Scones ~ df, ef,

Vegan Raspberry Scones

Just find out today (23 April) is the St George’s day, it is the feast day of Saint George and the National Day for England. St. George’s Day is nto an official national holiday in England or the UK.

Anyhow, I just fancy to have some scones for my tea, because scone is simplies to prepare. It just needs flour, sugar, butter, milk or cream. This time, I am going to make vegan version, but I have the normal scone post before.

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