Homemade ‘Seitan’ & Vegan Roasted Barbecue ‘Pork’ ~ 麵筋, 素叉燒

Homemade ‘Seitan’ & Vegan Roasted Barbecue ‘Pork’/Char Siu ~ 麵筋, 素叉燒  


It is a rare chance that I’ll make this ‘seitan’. Since I saw lots of my Facebook friend’s post ~ Roasted vegan ‘Char Siu’ 素叉燒 . Their mouth-watering photos impulse me to try it again.

Sounds I did have this experiment before. Yes! I have but not really like it at all. Why? Because it’ll wash away a lot of flour to get a small amount of seitan to make bbq ‘pork’. It is not really economical.

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Chinese Steamed Hot Dog Bun & Char Siu Bao ~ Vegan 素叉燒包,熱狗包

Chinese Steamed Hot Dog Bun & Char Siu Bao ~ Vegan     (素熱狗包,素叉燒包)

Chinese Steamed Hot Dog Bun ~ Vegan (素熱狗包)

Hi, everyone, I put on this post on before I set off to my holiday this week. Certainly, I will miss you all for three weeks, will you? 🙂  I will update my journey along if possible.

Do you know, there was a traditional breakfast culture in Chinese, they are so popular until at present, it is called ‘Yum Cha’ 飲茶!

Have you learned about the Chinese like to delivery breakfast in a restaurant, I mean the Chinese style restaurant, they serve ‘dim sums’, noodles, deep-fry food, dessert, rice congee (rice porridge), normally savoury. People like to be there after their exercise in the early morning (I am talking about 5 am,surely is not kidding!), it is their regular routine: wake up early, do the exercise, having breakfast in the restaurant, chatting with other people, sounds they’re really enjoying it.

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