Steamed Pumpkin Buns for Baby ~ Vegan, Low-Sugar 南瓜花花饅頭

Steamed Pumpkin Buns for Baby ~ Vegan 南瓜花花饅頭

This is the third time I make steamed buns also the second time for the roses buns. Steamed buns are one of the main breakfast in an Asian family. One hot steamed buns with a cup of hot soy milk are the typical breakfast in Taiwan and Hong Kong. People like to grab this takeaway and eat it on the way to work.

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Chinese Steamed Hot Dog Bun & Char Siu Bao ~ Vegan 素叉燒包,熱狗包

Chinese Steamed Hot Dog Bun & Char Siu Bao ~ Vegan     (素熱狗包,素叉燒包)

Chinese Steamed Hot Dog Bun ~ Vegan (素熱狗包)

Hi, everyone, I put on this post on before I set off to my holiday this week. Certainly, I will miss you all for three weeks, will you? 🙂  I will update my journey along if possible.

Do you know, there was a traditional breakfast culture in Chinese, they are so popular until at present, it is called ‘Yum Cha’ 飲茶!

Have you learned about the Chinese like to delivery breakfast in a restaurant, I mean the Chinese style restaurant, they serve ‘dim sums’, noodles, deep-fry food, dessert, rice congee (rice porridge), normally savoury. People like to be there after their exercise in the early morning (I am talking about 5 am,surely is not kidding!), it is their regular routine: wake up early, do the exercise, having breakfast in the restaurant, chatting with other people, sounds they’re really enjoying it.

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Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 缽仔糕

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

You can’t say this is Dim Sum, because you can’t find it in Chinese restaurant. Maybe you can say it is old traditional snack. That is rarely found it  in the high street food store/shop. Maybe, you can found it from some old people sell  it from some alley way somewhere.

Luckily, the recipe of this rice pudding haven’t disappeared yet, that’s why  some people or just like me, still can make it for their family and friends. Hope all the nice old traditional good food can keep pass on to our new generation. They’re worth it! And they’re so yummy!

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