A Trip to Paris ~ Day 3 Tour to City Centre Part III

A Trip to Paris ~ Day 3 Tour to City Centre  Part III

OK, let me continued to tell you all  what happened for us when we rushed down to find the cake shop near the Theatre National de Chaillot‘.

When we passed the zebra crossing, ( it take at least 2 minutes to cross the road, cause lots of traffic and the road was so large and long ), we just recognised that there have so many small roads, Which One? We didn’t know! Why didn’t we ask more detail for the direction, it was too late now. It meant that we couldn’t get a cake for us, so disappointed! 😦

Then we walked back to the square again with full of sadness. The weather still so hot, then we walked down to the river and found lots of people sat under the bridge. We sat under the shelter with a bit breeze, let’s cool down our head first.

We saw some people feeding the ducks with their food – popcorn but not bread.

The time was about 3:30 pm, we need to meet up some of our tour friends at the west side of the Eiffel Tower, we planned to take a taxi back to the meeting point for the coach at the place de la Concorde square. Surprisingly, it only cost about 6.20 euro, but our friends said, it costed more than 10 euro before.

When we’re back to the De la Concorde square, we still had plenty of time to browse around there, good for us to explore there to find one of the famous pâtisserie called : Ladurée. Then we started to rush there because we only have an hour to be back in the coach. The Ladurée was not that far away, just 10 to 15 minutes to walk from the right side of the park, Yay we had find it finally, but, but, there had a long quene again just same as everywhere. Wow,  if you saw  the cakes, macaroons, all the desserts are so beautifuly made and sat  on the shelf, I beg everyone won’t resist the temptation!

Can you resist it? I really doubted it!

Yes, can you see the price tag, 17.3 euro for 8 mini coffee macaroons.

This time, I felt disappointed as well, we hadn’t join in the quene, I still ccouldn’t get  hands on a single macaroons for me.

At about 5:30 pm, we’re back to the hotel and get a quick wash, because the weather was so hot, we all got sweat already. That’s was so refresh after that, and today was the busiest day for us, because we would go our again between an hour for a evening outing.

This time we still went to the city centre again but to the Notre dame cathedrals, this year was the 850 years since then. This  gothic masterpiece is located on the Île de la Cité, a small island in the heart of the city.


Gargoyle.  This picture adapted  from here, thanks!

The most famous features about  The Notre-Dame Cathedral has several large rose windows, the northern 13th century window is the most impressive. The massive window has a diameter of 13.1 meter. The frontal west facade features 3 wide portals; above the portals is the Gallery of Kings – 28 statues of Judean Kings – and higher up are the famous gargoyles and grotesques. The spectacular eastern flying buttresses at the east side of the building are 15m wide.

Brilliance Cathedral, although this was not the largest in the world, but the construction, the  design and all the sculptures around all the sides are so amazing!

Along the River Siene, we found the bridge full of love locks just next to Notre Dame, I forgot the name of this bridge already. But you could find all different kind of locks here, probably more than hundred thousand, I didn’t count, of course I couldn’t count!

A rumor said that if you clip a lock there, you and your other half ( I didn’t know is your wife, husband, lover or someone else ), will keep the relationship forever.

Maybe you can find one that was belong to you  ?  Good luck!

One of the interesting shop we have found next to the river, we found an old bookshop full of antique books, the book shelves are stood from the floor and up to the ceiling,  all the walls full of books, so lovely!  When you stepped inside the shop, it was full of smell of old books, I’m  really love it and the atmosphere, especially the 1st floor, but it’s not allow to take photos, so I didn’t have any picture, meanwhile  I found an old antique manual typewriter. sat in front of a small window, outside of the window was the backyard of this bookshop, use your imagination to draw this picture, I felt so romantic, how is yours?

I still haven’t told you the name of this little cosy bookshop, it is called: Shakespeare and Company! Yay!

After we browse around the upstairs and downstairs, we headed out to find something to eat, because we spent a lots of time to  The Notre-Dame Cathedral, so we couldn’t have more time to sit in a restaurant to have a proper meal, because where the coach stop couldn’t let it stay for long, so we made a quick decision: went to grab a filled sandwich from a local baguette shop, I bought a baguette filled with a vegetables steak and lots of salad, not too expensive, 3.5 euro, not bad for the most tourist town.

But around the corner later, I found one vegetarian restaurant there and a pâtisserie with ice-cream  just next to each other. If I knew this restaurant was that close, I must take some time to have a meal there, shame!

Meanwhile when I turned around to keep walking, I found another Indian vegetarian restaurant, Oh, I felt sorry now!

Around this area, had lots of different country’s restaurant, bars, cafe, especially quite a lot  Japanese sushi bars and restaurant there. You must found one to fulfill your appetite.

Later, we got on the coach, went back to the hotel and finished a wonderful day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Trip to Paris ~ Day 3 Tour to City Centre Part III

  1. Beautiful photos! I’m so jealous. I visited Paris last June, but now looks like the perfect weather. I couldn’t believe how big Paris was compared to other cities. It was my favorite place for shopping though, just wish I had more luggage space lol

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