Holiday in London ~ II

Holiday in London ~ II

Have two days for walking all the way around London. It was tiring actually.

We decided to have a bit laid back until midday. Have a nice breakfast to fill up the energy. We start to go out again. We are planning to go to the famous London’s Museum, one is V & A (Victoria & Albert) and the other one is the National Science Museum. Because they are not far away from each other. So we can browse around one by one.

The V & A Museum is situated at the Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 2RL. It is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects. It was founded in 1852 and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 

The V&A covers 12.5 acres (51,000 m2) and 145 galleries. It’s collection spans 5,000 years of art, from ancient times to the present day, from the cultures of Europe, North America, Asia, North Africa.

Walk through the huge front door. WOW! I can feel the impressive, magnificent grand entrance. The ceiling is tall, spacious with a tall hanging glass display (don’t know how to describe it). Such a beautiful object to start with!

The entrance of the toilet/ washroom.

Right side next to the entrance.

When we walk into the right side next to the entrance, stand in the middle of the room is a tall tower. Can you see what is all about? Look closely!

An interesting tower attached with different miniature old shops in London.

Most of the old shops all around London that’s you can find in here.

In the same room, we saw many statues there.

Turn to the left side, we are entering into a room full of Chinese History. I get caught by a beautiful object. A set of exquisite, beautiful China, carefully look at the plate under the cup. Can you see what are they? Tell me what they are if you know!


Amazing! Isn’t it?

A set of beautiful jewelry, it caught my eyes. Truly attracts me to stand there for more than five minutes. Great design! Green sugar snaps with beautiful pearls hiding inside the pod. I want to buy them with me. So disappointed! Because I can’t afford it! :(

Next, we walk into the other room.


A Chinese ‘Lou Han’ craved by one piece of wood

Three interesting beggar’s bowl in the ancient old days

The description is below:

The history about those three beggar’s bowl.

Underneath here, I like to show you all this interesting ancient lock. It is called: Wilkes Detector Lock.

Keep on reading, you’ll find the secret.


Can you fit in those shoes?

Until now, we spent more than three hours already. But only walk in three rooms on the ground floor. How can we finish all? But we’re getting hungry now. It is time for our lunch. We see a sign show us where is the backyard of this Museum. We decide to have a look before we sit down.

Backyard of the V & A Museum

Isn’t it peaceful! Around the corner, there has a little cafe. We sat down and have a cup of coffee to enjoy this lovely weather and peaceful place!

After the rest, we start to walk to the next Museum, not far from the V & A Museum. This is the Natural History Museum, London. Situated at the Cromwell Rd, London SW7 5BD.

It is the world’s most prestigious and pre-eminent museum of natural history, exhibiting a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 80 million items within five main collections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology. More information from Wiki.

Natural History Museum, London

Although I have been here before (only a small part of it), but I still full of curiosity about all the history of the ancient world. By the entrance hall, we all welcomed by a gigantic Brachiosaurus. I just manage to take the whole length of this huge dinosaur. Can you see its tail end? By the end of the entrance, sat by a famous person. His name called: Charles Darwin, 1809-1882, FRS was an English naturalist and geologist, best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory.

Continue to walk into another room, there was a large collection of lots different gemstones and fossils. They collected from all over the world.

Opposite of this, there is probably the most popular room for the children. The dinosaur room.

This room is crowded with groups of student. We just walk pass it quickly.

Near the end of this room, it has a tall giraffe, an elephant and lots of other animals. Unfortunately, the blue whale that I really want to see was surrounded by lots scaffolding. Because the whale will move to another room soon. Shame!

Around all day, I only can struggle to walk through two of the famous museums: V & A Museum and the Natural Science Museum. But only a small part of them. Because they’re too huge to browse all around. V & A Museum is my favourite place. Walk into the National Science Museum is a bit scary to me. I’m not fond to see all the stuffed animals. They gave my blood running cold. Except that, they all full of interesting things to see and learn. And the Natural History Museum should be my next time to visit. Such lack of time to see all!

Next post will be more exciting, we’ll set off to a beautiful place in France and reunion to the rest of our family.

Holiday in London ~ I

Holiday in London ~ I

Phew, I’ve been back for weeks already since I came back from holiday!

Yes, I’m back! So glad that I’m back to my old track (blog), I miss you so much! :p

During away from home and my kitchen. I have rarely to cook. Even I can, but those are not the same as what I used to: my own little kitchen.

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Korean Bibimbap 비빔밥 ~ Vegan, gf

Korean Bibimbap 비빔밥 ~ Vegan, gf

Happy Halloween !

Sorry, it is a bit late! I haven’t prepared anything for Halloween day this year. Because I just came back from France holiday. My mood still hanging over there. Really want to go back again! Lyon, I will visit you again soon or later.  :)

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Vegan Spiced Pear Pound Cake

Vegan Spiced Pear Pound Cake

Around this two weeks, have you notice the weather is changing? During the morning and evening, the temperature drops down a lot. The sky gets more grey than the bright sunny day. When I walk on the streets, trees on both sides turn into yellowish or brownish silently.

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Mango & Purple Cabbage Coleslaw + Vegan Mayonnaise

Mango & Purple Cabbage Coleslaw + Vegan Mayonnaise 

After all the Mooncakes making, tasting and a big feast in our family gathering. I think it is the right time to have a healthier and lighter diet. :)

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Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Black Sesame Paste 黑芝麻冰皮月饼

Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Black Sesame Paste 麻茸冰皮月饼

I love this mooncake, especially the black sesame paste filling. I did add some extra peanuts to upgrade 提升 the taste. After the first bite, I can feel the aroma of the toasted sesame seeds fill all over my mouth.

Have you noticed that the freckles on the skin, they’re absolutely adorable!

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Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Vegan Egg Yolk

Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Vegan Egg Yolk

The Mid-Autumn Festival is on Sunday, 27th September this year. It’s still have a few days to go. Usually, my mooncakes won’t be so early to post out. For the snow skin mooncake, I like it as fresh as possible.

But, the traditional mooncake need to be making it in advance. Because the pastry will get more moisture and softer after a few days it made. The Chinese called it: ‘回油‘!

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Vegan Salted Egg Yolk (純素蛋黃)

Vegan Salted Egg Yolk (純素蛋黃)

Before I start to write this post, let me explain why do I need to make salted or preserved ‘egg yolk’. Isn’t it too strange? What’s it for? I don’t think Western people have heard about it, and they won’t put on their dining table also!

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Vegan Chocolate Mousse Without Sugar

Vegan Chocolate Mousse without Sugar

I always dream of this sweet indulgence. This treat is tastes divine, super creamy (with the avocado and banana), and it is sugarless (thanks for the Medjool dates). It is also ideal for anyone that has dairy allergies.

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Raw Vegan Oreo Cheesecake with Chocolate Pie Crust

Raw Vegan Oreo Cheesecake with Chocolate Pie Crust 

Secretly, I am falling in love again! Don’t get confused. I just love the way of eating ~ RAW.

Salad is my all time favourite in my regular meal, as soon as possible if I get the freshness and crispness vegetables. Some people may think: salad is boring!!! Actually, is NOT! Salad has so many ways to create, if you dig into the web. You’ll get surprised when you do some homework.

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